Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Diego Games

Tuesday November 6 2007


Diego: "Hey Jose come watch me play games today."

Jose: "OK, sure."

Diego: "See here Jose, this is called a Bonnet and you wear it on your head."

Jose: "You think so huh."

Diego: "Yes for real! M said I may have to wear it on my head if it gets really cold here in Owyhee. My ears will stay warm. If it doesn't get that cold I can wear it on my back. M also uses it to swat flies off me."

Jose: "Uh huh."

Diego: "See Jose it goes like this."

Diego: "And see I can hold my own leash? M can tie my Bonnet on my head and then I can hold it on if it gets really windy. Don't I look good in my Bonnet?"

Diego: "And this is an Equine Designer Belt. All the big famous horses wear them. I can wear it because I will be big and famous later, and because now I am cute and slim. Dudley can't wear this because he is too fat."

Diego: "If it's not real cold this winter I can use my Equine Designer Belt to hold my Bonnet on my back. And see sometimes I hold a plastic bag instead of my leash."

Jose: "I can see your name in lights, kid!"

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious!