Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dear Jose (By Diego)

Wednesday November 21 2007

Dear Jose,

Please come home. It's dreadfully boring here without you.

Everybody is drooping. Even Finneas, who's the total boss now. He's not even a butthead anymore to me. I tried getting the gang running around one day, but it just doesn't work without you Jose. I don't have the spark that fires everybody else off, and nobody else even tries. Nobody wants to play Tag You're It, or I'm Taller, or Jump the Sagebrush, or Superhorse, or Last One There Is A Rotten Bucket of Beet Pulp. I don't want to play either. You were our Bolt of Sunshine, and now it's just cloudy here. Water doesn't taste very good and hay just tastes like straw.

Everything is all out of whack. Quickie, Finny's girlfriend, ran off with Mac the other day, and when I say 'ran off,' I mean they just bumbled off, because there isn't anybody running around here. Finny didn't even care. He saw them wandering off, and he just kept eating like me at the hay bales, and then it was just me and Finny, and we didn't really care, we just kept eating, for lack of anything more fun to do.

Quickie and Mac were gone all night and most all the next day, and then they came wandering back. Finny didn't even walk up to Quickie, he walked up to Mac, and I thought he was going to beat Mac up for running (walking) off with his woman, but, what did he do but start grooming Mac! They groomed each other for 15 minutes while Quickie stood off by herself. Since I was depressed I didn't feel like going up and hanging out with Quickie to keep her company, or joining in the grooming session. Then we all just stood around and moped.

Things are just all mixed up!

Jose you weren't here to watch me wear the Big Boy saddle for the first time and lunge around the round pen with it. The other horses weren't even watching, they were just moping.

But M said it's Thanksgiving and I should think of what I'm thankful for. So, I'm thankful um... that I am slim and cute and not buffalo fat like Dudley.

Come home soon Jose.


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Carla said...

Poor Diego, it's sad days indeed, a real holiday season slump.

Hope things improve soon for him and his buddies!