Saturday, May 27, 2017

If We Like You

Saturday May 27 2017

If we really like you, we'll put you on the best endurance horse ever, and we'll take you on one of our favorite trail rides.

We'll escort you when the spring wildflowers are on their best and brightest behavior, dancing in the breeze above Hart Creek Canyon: brilliant scarlet or salmon or orange Indian paintbrush, purple and white phlox bouquets, pink and white buckwheat buttons, deep purple larkspur, yellow and purple asters, orange globemallow.

We like Marley, Carol's visiting niece, so we put her on Jose, the best endurance horse ever, and took her on our favorite picturesque trail amongst the spring wildflowers of the Owyhee desert country.

It's great to have good endurance horses who can easily cover the miles, who like moving out in the high desert country, and who seem to appreciate the outing as much as humans. Jose likes to stop on hills and admire the scenery; Willie particularly noticed and checked out the purple larkspur (he stopped to sniff them); and August and Jose posed nice for their photos in the wildflowers with the Owyhee mountain backdrop.


irish horse said...

What good friends to share such gorgeous scenery and horses, wow, like me!!

Unknown said...

Love this post!

The Equestrian Vagabond said...

yea - come ride with us!