Friday, August 22, 2008

Endurance Roundtable

Friday August 22 2008

I had a friend once who, when I enthusiastically said I was going to do my first 50-mile endurance ride, said, quite derogatorily, "WHY?"

Rather taken aback at first (I mean - who WOULDN'T like to ride for 50 miles?!), I replied, "Well, you know how you like to go on a little trail ride, well, I can go on a little trail ride - for 50 miles! It's fun!" But she was never convinced. Personally, I think her kind of riding is boring (or maybe she's boring?). I think cross-country riders are insane. I think dressage is dreadfully tedious (and of course I'm dreadful at it). I think endurance riders are quite normal (especially those who ride with broken bones, too soon after surgery, when they can't even walk, etc). Of course those are just my opinions, and of course they are right.

Sometimes you wonder exactly what your horses think of this sport we've picked for them. (Well, sometimes we actually do have a good idea what they think of it...)

I posed the question to the horses at the Teeter Rancho:

"So... what do you guys/gals think of endurance?"

Here's what they said.

STORMY (Thoroughbred, retired racehorse - 3 wins and 4 seconds and $45,000, pack horse string leader, Dude Ranch Wrangler horse, Big Eater): 50 miles - are you guys crazy? I can run 6 furlongs in 1:09 and change but 50 miles? No way. I'd die after 5 miles. Although now that I'm not quite in my slim fit racehorse shape I'd die after 2 miles. Because I'd get so wigged out at all the horses I'd have to race past and beat. You guys are nuts.

PHINNEAS (1 LD, 3 50's): I don't know, I kind of like it, because I look gorgeous for 50 miles! (Or 60 miles if my rider misses the ribbons).

QUICKIE (11 seasons, 2150 miles, 45 for 47, 1 baby - Dudley): Been there done that. I don't want to have any more babies, dudley broke the mold. I don't want to do any more endurance rides, I just want to stay home and hang out with Rhett and Jose and eat.

DUDLEY (one 50): I was Fat, and everything was fine. Then I lost weight and I did a 50 and my feet hurt afterwards. I'm going to be a dressage horse and win a Gold Medal in the Olympics. Or maybe be a Performance Artist or Comedian or a Great Houdini Escape Artist. I can already do many funny things and I can escape from anywhere.

RHETT (11 seasons, 3365 miles, 4 wins, 4 BCs, 9 100's, 62 for 68): Like it? I guess so, because it's easy and I'll beat all of you.

JOSE (2 seasons, 7 for 7): Wherever Rhett goes I go whatever Rhett does I do.

PRINCESS: Endurance? I am a Princess and I think I am Pregnant.

KAZAM: (AKA The Great Orange Pumpkin): My belly is too big right now to even imagine it.

DIEGO: Endurance? Work? I just want to look cute and get kisses and I sure don't have to wear a saddle to do that.

RUSHCREEK MAC (2 for 2 LDs): Where are the cows??


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DarcyLynne said...

ROFLMAO! I am still laughing at Princess' comment. Toooo funny Merri!

I noticed you didn't ask Raven II about all of the 50 mile endurance hype! After all he is a WORLD traveler with endurance! He may not be a horse. However, he surely communicates well with the horses and must know exactly what they think!