Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy To See Me

Friday February 22 2008

Or not.

Finneas is not in the least overjoyed to see me back in Oreana. Before I left for Arizona, he was getting all that great attention every day for his big back leg owie, (it was above and beyond the call of duty after a while), either getting bandages or medicine on it and lots of nose kisses, or getting it hosed off (while eating oats) and getting lots of nose kisses and some carrots (sometimes dipped in molasses). Which he naturally thinks he naturally deserves. All that special attention stopped when I left, and apparently he's letting me know I abandoned him.

He pins his ears at me when I try to pet him and if I don't stop he walks away from me. I have been dissed. : (

Diego is happy to see me, and in fact stayed with me when the rest wandered off to eat hay.

He has grown a bit horizontally (not vertically) and his mane is thick as a wild stallion's. He is happy to hear that his friend Jose is well in Arizona, though he is sad he won't be coming home yet to play for a while.

Mac requested some neck scratching for that extra hair he finally grew to stay warm.

Quickie could take my return either way - and she would be happier to see me with a carrot in my hand.

The new guy, Kazam - Jose's brother - is quite pleasant and friendly. Finneas doesn't like him.

Princess and Dudley have gone somewhere to be ridden for 30 days (perhaps to South America, where perhaps there is no snow.)

The dogs now - there's an ecstatic reception I got. Especially when, yesterday evening, (pre-snow), I said, "Who's ready to go for a walk?" Girlie proceeded to flip inside out, Quincy about knocked me over while I was trying to get my shoes on, crawling underneath me and trying to tip me over, and Austin - I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack, he was hyperventilating so and leaping with all 4 (heavy) feet off the ground and twisting in the air.

The riding here may be postponed a little longer, but the dogs and I will be continuing the daily hikes. Alas, while Carol kept the dogs on their strict diet, the dogs did not keep up with their exercise. (Do ya think they could go on a walk on their own? No!) While Girlie managed to slim down even more, Quincy grew wider, and Austin ballooned outward in all directions. And it ain't dog hair making the extra padding.


DarcyLynne said...

Welcome Home Merri! Glad to hear the dogs and horses gave you as good of a greeting as they possibly could given how much they missed you.

I am surer the shuning will stop in a few days. It's the "I know where you were and what you were doing with THOSE HORSES - thing!" LOL!

Take care happy hiking until you have happy riding trails. Sorry you can't make the Party. We will be thinking of you. Cheers to you and Raven II.


Anonymous said...

welcome back to more b-r-r-r country. glad u made it back safe... GaZi and I will be making a visit back to his home turf for the rides in September :) :)

happy trails
Cid and GaZi

Anonymous said...

Merri - It's amazing to see all the snow there! Codigh arrived in 60-degree sunshine. And tho we're having a lot of rain now, he is high (and, thankfully, not sick) on California grass. - Beverley