Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It Don't Get No Better Than This

IT DON'T GET NO BETTER THAN THIS - Sunday September 23 2007

Said head veterinarian Dr Michael Peterson at the ride meeting for tomorrow's Day One 50-mile 2007 Owyhee Canyonlands - 260 miles, 5 days in the desert.

Most people here would agree. This is one of the best places to ride on the planet, and you get 5 days of it. Riders from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and a bunch of invaders from Canada are here to hit the trails, with 42 riders starting tomorrow.

The weather is great, 30's in the morning and low 60's for the day, with pure Idaho sunshine to light the way. Trails are perfect after Sunday night's rain.

Former owners of the Blue Canoe restaurant are here catering their terrific after-ride meals (breakfast and lunch too, if you like). Local celebrity Frank is here, along with his owner Tom Noll. 3 people are in contention for the Owyhee Totally Tough Sucker award - which is an Owyhee 100-miler plus all the 50's.

Connie and I will be riding drag tomorrow - closing gates after the last rider. It will be Connie's first endurance ride (she did a limited distance a few years ago). She's already addicted to Owyhee County, so we'll see how her first 50 mile ride corrupts her.

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